About me

I am a philosopher at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). I got a research project called Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences, CauseHealth, funded by the Research Council of Norway (FRIPRO NFR), and a spin-off project with Elena Rocca, CauseHealth Risk and Safety, sponsored by WHO’s Uppsala Centre for International Drug Monitoring (UMC). Together we lead the NMBU Centre for Applied Philosophy of Science (NMBU CAPS).

My expertise is on causation, but I also work on complexity, probability, risk and other philosophical biases in science that influence choice of theory, method, policy and practice. I use Twitter for professional networking and I love teaching.

I am interested in responsible research and innovation and have served as member of the NMBU research ethics committee since 2014 and the National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct (Granskningsutvalget) for the National Research Ethics Committees of Norway since 2017.

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